Intermediate Volleyball Programs
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Hopper's Sports Grill
Hopper's Sports Grill
10051 N. I-70 Service Rd
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Chipper's Lanes Entertainment
Chipper's Lanes
217 W. Horsetooth Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525
IVP at the Beach House
IVP At The Beach House
5910 Omaha Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Leagues - Registration, Schedule, Rules


Location Format Days Time Slot Duration Cost Session Start Dates Waiver/Release
Sand Volleyball Leauges 2022 - (Returning Captain's Get Priority)
Hopper's Sports Grill Co-ed 6s Monday - Thursday 6:00pm 6:45pm 7:30pm 8:15pm 9:00pm 9:45pm 10:30pm 45 min/1 match/10 weeks
16 teams/night
$400/team (6s) Session 1: 4/18/22 Hopper's Waiver/Release
$450/team (6s) Session 2: 6/27/22 Hopper's Waiver/Release
$400/team (6s) Session 3: 9/5/22 Hopper's Waiver/Release
Co-ed 6s Saturday, Sunday 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 1 hr/1 match/8 weeks
16 teams
$200/team (6s) Session 3: 9/10/22 Hopper's Waiver/Release
Chipper's Lanes Co-ed 4s, 6s Mon - Friday 6:00pm 6:50pm 7:40pm 8:30pm 9:20pm 10:10pm 50 min/1 match/8 weeks
16-20 teams/night
$340/team (4s) $450/team (6s) Session 1: 4/25/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
$340/team (4s) $450/team (6s) Session 2: 6/20/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
$340/team (4s) $450/team (6s) Session 3: 8/16/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
2s M/W/Coed - Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm 1.5 hr/2 matches/8 weeks/24 teams $180/team Session 1: 5/15/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
$180/team Session 2: 7/24/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
IVP At The Beach House Co-ed 4s, 6s Sunday - Friday 6:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 1 hr/1 match/10 weeks $380/team (4s) $430/team (6s) Session 1: 4/4/22 IVPatBH Waiver
$380/team (4s) $430/team (6s) Session 2: 6/13/22 IVPatBH Waiver
$380/team (4s) $430/team (6s) Session 3: 8/22/22 IVPatBH Waiver
Hopper's Sports Grill Drop In Fridays 6:00 pm 1:30 am or closing $5 4/22/22 Hopper's Waiver/Release
Chipper's Lanes Drop In Fridays 7:00 pm 12:00 am or closing $5 for league players, $10 for non-league players 4/29/22 Chipper's Waiver/Release
IVP At The Beach House Drop In Fridays 4:00 pm 1:00 am or closing $10 Cash, $13 Credit Card 4/8/22 IVPatBH Drop-In Waiver
IVP At The Beach House KOB/QOB Mondays 6:45 pm 1:00 am or closing $10 4/5/22, 6/14/22, 8/23/22 IVPatBH Drop-In Waiver


League Sign Up Forms
Hopper's Chipper's IVP At The Beach House


Specific IVP Rules

  1. All players must sign the WAIVER, RELEASE, IDEMNIFICATION AGREEMEN to participate in a league.
  2. Any team that does not call/text Phil or Chris that they are unable to play their designated time slot 2 times in one session, said team will be removed from league play without refund.
  3. In league play if there is a tie on win/loss, tiebreakers will be decided on head to head play.
  4. If there is a no show team, the team that is present to play will get 3 wins but may not be guaranteed 3 games of play. The referee or league manager however, will make all effort to find a substitute team to play against.
  5. All and any subs are allowed during the 8 week of regular league play. Any sub playing EOS tournament must have participated at least twice during regular league play and must be approved for EOS tournament by tournament director.
  6. To qualify for wins and losses during league play you must have at least 3 original players on roster for 6's and 2 original players for 4's.
  7. Only captains can call a time out.
  8. Only captains may discuss a controversial call with the referee.
  9. Any unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to removal of yourself as well as the team from leagues with no refund.
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